Thursday, September 30, 2004

Morning... Got the disc off Lenka last nite finally - and here is the inside of the Treehouse where im hoping to have time to organise a nite in th eclub "upstairs" ..... Have lots of news today but im not going to go into it all yet . Maybe later.
(C)Ruthless Jack

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Pissed again .....


It was me - i do stink of beer yes - have a problem with that do ya ?

5 hours of Links with Matt a bottle of red wine and a few cans of wife-beater

stinking breath and headache - love it

catch up with u later

Monday, September 27, 2004

My Dads condition

just to keep me up to date -- weird i am -- my dad will be off to ST.Thomas's for th etest to see what type of surgery is needed .. Either minor or majr with 2 weeks or 3 months off to recover. Well i know that 3 months just aint gonna haeppen as i know he will be out and about and cant keep away from the shop that gave him the attack anyway.

So i saw him on Saturday after a farce on the train. Managed to get myself to Claygate before realizing i was going wrong - so train back to Wimbledon and then another to Epsom where Lynda picked me up and we whizzed over to Epsom General to see my old man. He didnt look too bad except he'd been sick from the pills they are giving him and he had puke in his ear. Lovely ....

So anyway i will catch up with Lynda later on find out whats going on.

Ruthless Jacks Blogfile

Ruthless Jacks Blogfile

Friday, September 24, 2004

My dads been taken into hospital with a heart murmour. Hes at St.Georges in Epsom and he's been told he needs an aniagram or something which is to test what's going on in his ticker. I'm a bit shaken to tell the truth, not sure what to make of it all since he's never been a drinker or a smoker and plays loads of sport. I think it's stress that's caused it and the last thing he needs is me and my stepsister Jenny (who i dislike) arguing. Well she bloody started it saying that Sonia looked like Anouska. The idiot. Anyway i'm probably seeing him tomorrow up at St.Thomas's were he will be moved to. i cant see why he has to go so far. Thought they would have BUPA...... maybe not. Anyway im praying for you pops. get well soon.
(C)Ruthless Jack

This is Noela - Lovely girly from my work; but she's leaving today for university. I think she's not allowed to come back either as the company are restructuring and because she's left theres no room for her to return. Shes having a leaving do tonight and we are all off to get pissed somewhere which will be nice. Photos from the evening to come. I have to buy some batteries for my camera tho and i have no money for beer either. Maybe i wont get to go at all.
(c) RuthlessJack

(c) RuthlessJack

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Had enough today - woke up in a bad mood and all day been fukked off - Might have something to do with the shite film Sonia asked me to watch last night - fukking weird it was called o god Mulholland drive or something - made by the director of "Twin Peaks" David Lynch. What a load of cock that was

Nearly 2 and a half hours of my life watchin that shit and at the end there was no actual point to it at all - Apart from Naomi Watts getting her tits out - that was it. Well and some bird called Laura Harring who had a great pair of tits. All in all it had no plot to speak of and after browsing to find out why the film had been made it surfaced that it was half pilot and half movie as it finally got turned down by the hollywood supremo's. Thank god

Although some funny bits in the film like the guy who killed 3 people so he could get hold of his little black book. That was ok - and of course the no need at all Lesbo scenes between the 2 leading ladies were pretty saucy.

Enough already

(c) RuthlessJack

O god !

Yes well these two cumsluggers certainly know how to tease a fella - Was in Mojama's one night spottin and they walked in .... Absolute cockteasers - i'll send another piccy up to my blog one day - probably tomorrow actually..
(c) RuthlessJack

This is Charla on the left and Paige on the right - I've got a secret crush on Charla - dont tell anyone but i've asked to meet her ... We'll see what happens
(c) RuthlessJack

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Dont stay in .... dot com

Well since im still pissed and i really really can't be arsed to do any work i may as well publish my DSI address for all to see...

not that any fucker gives a shit

But here it is


Links 2004 . . . . .

Fuck me

Never thought i'd get involved in an X-box game again - well i did but i wasn't sure what one.

Was up till about 1.00 am playing Match-play with Matt.....

Anyhow - I was drininking some Slovakian herb 38percent Vol drink and im still pissed this morning . In fact i can hardly walk.

Noella's leaving do this Friday and its 'Mufty day'.

Might bash Barrie up if he looks at me ...... might give Justin a black eye too....

The Tree-House from outside
(c) RuthlessJack

Becky at Upstairs
(c) RuthlessJack

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Quarterly target

Well well well

Didint i just know it huh - Theres me thinking ive hit quarterly target and cashed myself a nifty £2000 and NO .... No its over 6 months isn't it

Fucking lousey cheating fukheads - Yes and all i got was -- sorry for the bad news but you didnt get your bonus - Now Pissoff

Well - thats just great - thanks a fucking bunch - Dont expect me to work flatout for you yea - And yes now im taking lunches - maybe even a few half days to use up the 10 days holiday i cant now afford to use up. bollox

Fed up of being taken for a cunt here - why is it every incentive i get i get shafted... HUH ! - Even tho i'm probably better paid then most of the other cockwipes here thats just not the damn point is it. . . .

While i'm here James Overton is a ginger cockgobbler who loves goats and drinks man-oil.

Im off home to play Links golf on X-box and drink beer till i feel sick and cant drink NO MORE


sonia becky and matt grooving at Upstairs
(c) RuthlessJack