Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Time to change this blog

Right - I've been scouting the net for templates to change the look and feel of my blog and i'm getting moist over a new one called "tunnel" - It needs manual HTML designing but the top bit looks awesome - just how i'd like it... Im still looking in fact but now ive been practicing with the HTML i feel a little easier about republishing my whole blog one day in the new design - im kinda worried that i choose a dark and moody blog design opposed to this airy feel that i like as well - Not just that i dont want to come across like a goth teenager mentalist - dooming and glooming with their ranting bitching and death-like boring-ness

Hmm so anyway i was gonna post a piccy but imagecave seems to have broken down - O god i hope it's not Dave the incredibly big headed shellsuit messing with my web access ... Balls

Right im off to play with my new x-box - bye

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