Friday, December 03, 2004

Tiger Tiger ....

O dear me - i was in sleep mode - resting casually in my cave, whence the phone received yet another text from the lovely Sonia - "come and get me from Tiger Tiger" said a slightly wavering voice, obviously tainted with alchohol. "weve been drinking champagne" - Ouch went my head - i'd been downing a few tins myself and trying to finish off Deux-ex - Invisible War before my new game arrived... I thought better of it and decided my woman needed saving - So i got dressed and got a bus - meeting a Hungarian fella carrying a stereo in a bag who was on his way to Amsterdam apparently - was enlisting with some firm - wasnt sure what the fuck that was all about

So i got there - bought a stella bottle and looked about - looking for her and Dave - i was grabbed from behind - luckily she was on the way back from the bogs, i was saved. "really glad your here" she said ~ with a fantastic wet slippery kiss - my hands on her ass - shes got the best arse i have ever ever seen.

So . . .after a few glasses of champu and couple of bottles of beer, another drink was been offered by Marc - Who by the way i hadnt a clue would be there... was a little peeved - after all he'd been sticking it in her a few months before and by all accounts was pretty upset by it all when it broke down - I made myself clear to her that i wasnt happy with it.... i think it will come out in the wash - i also think other stuff but maybe my mind is too fragrant and shouldnt get involved with that stuff....

Sonia asked me to take her home - i agreed and we left for home - grabbing a taxi and strolling home. Went to sleep almost immediately as we were both knackered - actually she was asleep by the time id had a blast on a doobie - nice night - spent £1 getting there on the bus and £3 on beer - was totally rat faced

And to top it all off - Marc text her this morning (she'd left her phone in my pocket) and said "spent a fortune last night" hehehe ~ I KNOW !

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