Monday, December 06, 2004

This weekend i . . .

Friday night .... ouch - it was Dharshika's bday from work - we all met in the Hogs as usual - quick pint of Heineken and off to The George - As more of the revellers turned up it became apparent that this was gonna be a bit messy to say the least .... I would post photos of green Reef being drunk mixed with Stella but it makes me ill so maybe in the week .... (Actually it's below as i ahd time to edit)

Tim had to go home as Baby had fallen down the stairs (luckily shes fine and only has bruising) Tim was a litle distraught ... rightly so --- So anyway off to Yates where i got told off taking photos . . . Fucking bouncers in Croydon should get out more to say the least !

Yes well - so onto 101 club next door - and it's all of a blur from there apart from this wicked foto which i do remember taking ....

Unfortunately my camera was set on 400 overexposure so the fotos came out very very white which was bit of a bummer - but u get the drift.

O on a separate level i got told i had to move out ... Not sure why .. maybe it has something to do with the table burn ... fuck knows whatever i need a chat with young MH as ur behaviour lately is getting more and more eratic and i'm not even sure i wanna stay there anymore. It's nice there - i keep myself to myself as much as i can - of course our paths cross - but i'm not an evil guy - far from it - free fags and booze with pizza last week - needless to say he's covered my back known and then but i think we need a chat... MH it's upto u pal - if u read this then i expect to know what's going on - And i will know that you have .... its called an IP address..

By the way - tonight if ur up for it we can sort shit out in the 2 for 1 place - OK ?

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