Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Proof that the Yanks are mad

The first test in almost two years of the planned multi-billion dollar US anti-missile shield has failed.

The Pentagon said an interceptor missile did not take off and was automatically shut down on its launch pad in the central Pacific. A target missile carrying a mock warhead had been fired 16 minutes earlier from Kodiak Island in Alaska.

The Pentagon is spending $10bn a year on the missile system.(how fucking much?) The test had already been delayed by bad weather. (or leaves on the track as us Brits like to use as an excuse for piss poor performance)


  1. Yeah, I think that $10 billion could feed a lot of people.

  2. dunno about feeding people how about just giving some of it to me !

  3. ok here's the deal. if it wasn't for our great predsident Bush there would be hundreds of people with out a job. I mean this is some serious shit we're talking about. the people who are doing these jobs have to be highly qualified, and mostly inept. now that they've started, with something like this on their resume they can't just go back to flippin burgers at McDonalds you know. So just think of what a great job my president is doing. DAMN, now I wish I could have voted for

  4. Meanwhile, IIRC, the ONLY thing to attack America recently was a few airliners.

    Methinks that money could be better spent elsewhere. Lots of elsewheres.

  5. Eventually, we'll wrok the bugs out of that system too and someday it will save yer butt and you'll be thanking us... Actually, knowing the way Europeans are, you probably won't...

  6. OOOO matt now what ARE you saying exactly ... what us "euros" cant defend ourselves? hey if your talking about WW2 then .... well it took A LOT for you to join in didnt it .....

    anyway i love u yanks really ...... xx