Thursday, December 09, 2004

New look blog on its way

Ive had a think on my blog - Im not sure i'm gonna do the whole new template thingy - as ive spent quite a bit of time on this one - It is however a standard issue blogger template - ive changed the main image in the background to a tiles hemp seed effect - however i quite like it and dont feel the need to change it - so i wont.

Watched Troy last night - was quite good - it prompted me to have flashbacks from school whence i learnt all about those fellas ... Menelaus and Achilles way back then - but was taught by an alcholic 60 a day smoking bloke called Mr.Stewart - thus it didnt really sink in - but a i love history now - Got King Arthur to watch as well so im looking forward to that too..

Right must do some bloody work

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