Monday, December 13, 2004

Entertaining weekend (to say the least)

Here are some photos - The first one is the main hall at The Natural History Museum if you click you'll get a larger picture - and you'll see the big dinosaur - cor - and the middle is self explanatory - tis amazing that these bastar*s roamed the earth 157 million years ago isnt it ! - The last foto is the Balloon chandelier at the Victoria and Albert Museum - again click on it and see it in its full splendor. . its good trust me !

From left to right - Davids statue (i think it's just a copy but still bloody huge) then Harrods at night - there were like 100's of tourists taking photos at this point it was like being at a film premier - all those flashes going off - and lastly the Victoria and Albert museum in all its beautiful splendor - really was quite breathtaking. . . well it was ok !

Heres James, Karl and Timbo - Now Karl for some reason looks like Krusty the clown - Might even get to work on photoshop hehehe


  1. You know, I've been to the natural history museam. I was a freshman in High School, about 15 years old, and it was my first ever trip away from my family and stuff. Yeah, got a taste of life in the big open world, an hour before I was supposed to meet my group there was a bomb I've never been so scared, trying to find 6 other Americans as the whole museum emptied was not a fun task. But it's something I'll remember forever...sigh.

  2. really ~ wow ~ amazing place - London cool like that with massive buildings that are mostly hollow so they have high high ceilings - im gonna post some more piccys soonish - ta 4 da comment

  3. It was so long ago, it's almost scary. I loved it. It's actually one of my favorite cities. It's right up there with Stockholm. Unfortunately I've yet to visit Amsterdam. It's on my list of places to see though.