Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Sparkle . . Where have you gone?

It's amazing actually - you create something special - you direct all those feeling to that direction and then you sit back one day see what you have built

and then WHAM

In just one mad moment you blow it all - Stupidly you don't think about the X Factor - this is the most important part of all relationships ~ It guards against other people - it makes you do things for one another ~ It even helps men wash their clothes and occasionally bathe - using soap ~ and stuff. Yes i know!

The X factor has disappeared for me - Its on leave - having a break - gone to sea - Fuck knows if its coming back - i want it to write a note or post me an email telling me where it's gone - Alas X factor doesn't tell you when its home - or where it went - It appears just as quickly as it disappears ~ it has no reason to ~ it's X

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