Friday, November 26, 2004

My mojo is back - Thank fuck for that

Well i was very nervous all week - but kept a lid on it generally - You know its very hard to stop those emotions when they get going - I really thought i'd lost Sonia thru my moment of plain madness and mentalness - But alas the Tarling charm was in full swing and saved the day.

We both have a little pressure in our lives but being that we are both easy going people we can help eachother get thru it, whereas on your own, it can be difficult - She's been bullied verbally a little from Terry as well - I mean not bullied but told stuff that would definately get my juices flowing ! That's for sure.

So last night was Turkey Day for the Queens massive in South Croydon - Twas a lowkey affair and dinner was served at about 10.30 - after watching possibly the crappest IACGMOOH ever - that nicola appleton (not in caps as she doesnt deserve it) is a twat - a prize twat and if she was my wife (liam gallaghers wife actually) i would be embarrassed - In fact i'd be filling for divorce. Cockshaft

The flat was thick with oven smoke and actually was well cooked and the gravy was yummee - Was impressed - Went to bed straight away - Sonia was knackered she looked so tired - bless.

So im totally chuffed - Im not making the same mistake again - I should know better really from past learnings with AC.

Right im off to earn some cash to buy my baby a big Xmas pressie - see ya later xx

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