Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Im a celeb get me out of here! (UK 2004)

It’s the moment you have been waiting for, the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here contestants have been announced and, as predicted, it’s the usual mix of Z-listers and has-beens. Excuse my brief explanation for each celeb but i wasn't entirely sure who some of them were:

  1. Nancy Sorrell: Vic Reeves’ wife (didnt he used to be married to a lezbo)
  2. Brian Harvey: The tiny over-excitable one, formally part of East17 (cock)
  3. Sheila Ferguson: from The Three Degrees, marvellous (who the hell is this ?)
  4. Paul Burrell: Princess Diana’s former butler (die fucker i hate you - common sleaze worm who should be hung by his bollocks and whipped till he screms his intestines out)
  5. Janet Street Porter: writes stuff, has a voice like a car horn (will cover ears when watching then)
  6. Fran Cosgrove: Nightclub owner, serial celeb-dater, apparently went out with Jodie Marsh (and who is another COCK)
  7. Sophie Anderton: Ex model (hmm tits out? can't wait)
  8. Antonio Fargas: ‘Huggy’ in Starsky and Hutch (cool like cardigans in the jungle!)
  9. Joe Pasquale: Comic, voice like a toy (fairly funny altho he puts the voice on - so will he talk like that all the time - could ruin career methinks)
  10. Natalie Appleton: Ex-All Saint and part of the infamous Appleton. (slag and extremely annoying like a smell coming from ur bum but u havent farted!)
They are packing their bags and heading for the jungle as we speak, ahead of Sunday’s live programme. Therefore, each stock will be available for purchase from noon on Monday. Let the jungle antics commence…

See CelebDAQ for more fun and games !

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