Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Fingermouse !

Yes - I did it ! I got myself a FINAL WRITTEN warning - for having yesterday off - I admitted i was drunk on Sunday night fell over and cut my finger badly enough for it to bleed all over the floor and all over the toilet floor thus leaving a "snail trail" of red thick gunk. So anyway my first question is :- How can one get a final written warning when thay don't actually have a contract? - My second would be (not really a question) :- I dont actually care - Although getting the "boot" before Xmas would be bit of a bad thing - but not really too bad - i mean it would just mean i would have to find a job quicker - hmmm

So anyway my faithfull - i dont have any faithfull - maybe only 1 or even 2 people who may read this - Anyway I came up with a bit of a brill idea the other night whilst cozying upto Sonia. Why dont we fuck off somewhere nicer than Croydon - Like hmm Weymouth? or Torquay? Being nearer the sea and away from this shiyhole actually really appeals to me. So im off to find out more info on migrating to the coast somewhere - Must get some job details - see if there actually are any jobs first - that could be a good idea. So i might take another day off (booked this time) to get some more details together.

Sonia got told off too - I mean she doesnt give french knicker either about her job - they have taken the piss out of her from day one - whereas me - I'm just fed up with dealing with cocks and idiots. I need a fresh challenge - Its not even the money anymore - i mean i can survive on a few quid - I dont need to be happy beinng rich - Im happier being skint if i'm honest

Strange that - so anyway im off to find j-o-b-s in Southern En-ger-land WISH ME LUCK

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