Wednesday, November 24, 2004

English Thanksgiving . . .

You may or may not know this but i share a flat with a Bostonian - (no not a Bosnian) - and tomorrow is Thanksgiving - Horay ! Xmas dinners come early - except by the look of the size of turkey Matt bought we'll be eating turkey for weeks - maybe even upto Xmas ! Nooooooooo

Shopping in Tesco's last night was good - nobody was there - the shelves were packed and loads - i mean loads of special 2 for 1 offers and stuff - £83.00 was spent and that included beers - all the trimmings and enough stuffing to launch an army.

So - here's to tomorrow - Apart from that no news - Sonia's working herself to death - she doesnt sound like the Sonia i grew to love anymore - I think there's a sign of the X factor there but i'm not too sure - She sound's really deflated - Im going to have to do some special shit for her to get it going again - Which reminds me - I must call my Mum and get that prezzie ordered. May even get something done for her before xmas - I think she deserves it - hmmm wait till xmas.... dont wanna see that im doing it just coz of that - I mean ive been here before - buying expensive gifts coz u've been a twat doesnt really do me justice ~ a nice dinner and a trip off upto town and some effort on my part is overdue - I just hope it's not too late

Wish me luck peeps - im needing it !

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