Monday, October 04, 2004

Yes well i cant quite beleive it today - After having a day off on Friday i came in this morning with people bringing in there cakes for the dmc cake comp. Heres the proof that Vanessa Domiguez is a very weird girl - Anyway it seems that everyone made a massive effort and was a great success. On a separate matter im a little pissed off - I have no right to be really but Barrie Tottman seems to have lost a lot of faith in me - Up to me to regain it - Well i really dont care what the fuck anyone thinks especially these bunch of clowns in the office .... Why i have to look liek i care about what JH thinks im not sure but i do know that as from tomorrow i will be making more of an effort at work -- Which brings me to this - I wonder if my deal with Man Bytes Dog will be taken off me ... hmmmmm very interesting especially since Barrie isnt being the happy clappy chappy we all know and hate.
(C)Ruthless Jack

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