Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Why Why oo Why do i do it !

Another bloody day here at work feeling uncomfortably tired and generally sick from last nights boozing - Yet again i manage to harm myself menatlly by drinking copius amounts of red wine and smokin blunts with Matt.. However i did manage to get quite a way through Deus-Ex invisible war. Anyway im feeling very shite today - Got up as usual everything initially ok .. but after havin my 7.30am dump i felt really sick and then threw up in the bathroom - more or less a whole un -eaten potatoe skin from about 12pm last night - Must never ever do that again - Made me feel like crap all morning. Going to Sonias tonight . Staying there for 2 nights tonight and tomorrow - Just in case theres any confusion on what night im talking about. And then off to AMSTERDAM on Saturday morning early early doors ! By the way thats a great arial shot of the town - Im not allowed to take a camera coz the lads will be upto no good - hehe . Ok im off Tony wants me to do some calls for him the cock.

Jesus - just got off the phone after a 40 minute iR2200 call - Up against Top-4-Office and i rthink im losing that battle unfortunately ! We shall see though.

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