Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Too tired to type (nearly)

Yea well i keep starting my blogs - Yea Well - so i thought id start it just the same as i always do - Something just occured to me - isnt it strange that u can find yourself annoying ... mmm - must have a think about that one .. Anyway im fukking tired was upto god knows what time last night playing Links Golf and drinking my normal copius amounts of wife beater . Finally got to bed and eat crumpets and coffee on the hope that i wouldnt feel as shit as i did last Friday day ... ooops o Ye barrie doesnt like me anymore the old cock. Like i actually care anyway. must go now Barries out of the meeting

If off to meet my lovely Sonia after work for a beer so that will be nice - I actually missed her last nite - only coz shes very very very cuddly.. Im such an Iron ! (cockney ryming slang) god i must be bored to make all these links - and for who ?

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