Monday, October 25, 2004

Morning ! Back from a really shit Friday afternoon where my "friend" Shaun decided to "pull rank" over me and take a refurb machine from under my nose ... Not a good thing and all it has done is put me out in the cold as far dmc goes.... May not go to Amsterdam now - im not overly bothered about it at all now. Anyway heres a pic of me and me Sweety Sonia from our black tie do on Saturday - I did actually look the bollocks ... and so did Sonia actually. Had a great time - didnt get too pissed and then got absolutely shagged up in room 139 - we trashed the hell out of it - and "christened" more or less every nook and cranny of the room. Next morning looked like a bomb had hit it ... Was very funny !
(C)Ruthless Jack

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