Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Good to have you back Sy

Great - Back from a day off from dmc only really to fall head long into a row with Justin and James over a lead for Greenwich London College - James kicked up a very gay stink over who the lead should belong to after he called it first but didn't put it on the lead sheet - Then accusing me of erasing it ! (that's just pure stoopid) Anyway all in all im actually bored of this job and im thinking of moving on to pastures greener. Its not the people i work with but im generally feeling unloved here - My bosses don't take time to say good morning - but do to my colleague and therefore im feeling unloved ... Well what do you expect - he is their favorite - nothing I can do about that really .. And that's what this gay squabble is all about - I just cant be arsed to argue about it - and I've probably slit my wrists about it anyway. The other thing about his argument is the time of putting the GM record on GM .. See there isn't one for James and yet YES his record was on before mine but he hadn't put any record on there of even calling him ? And also it wasn't entered onto the leadsheet .. o but he's accusing me of erasing it.

Nice fucking friend - and its nice that he feels its ok to make a big thing of it.

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