Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Blogging for Blogs sake

Been looking at loads of websites all about blogging today (not to be mistaken for dogging by the way!) What i am really trying to do is create a sexy template for me to be proud of - but im guessing it needs a lot of messin around coz ive seen the htlm and i cant really get my head round all the design of it quite yet - Altho' im the bollocks at creating word docs im not so good at html... heres what i managed to find.

Anyway have a good click on the link its pretty cool - loads of blogs from people in your area - Quiet weird really coz when i clicked on Carshalton Beeches (my home area) some gay fella has listed his blog - Well to me the area really isnt a gay haven but then - WHERE IS?

Brighton i think

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