Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Quarterly target

Well well well

Didint i just know it huh - Theres me thinking ive hit quarterly target and cashed myself a nifty £2000 and NO .... No its over 6 months isn't it

Fucking lousey cheating fukheads - Yes and all i got was -- sorry for the bad news but you didnt get your bonus - Now Pissoff

Well - thats just great - thanks a fucking bunch - Dont expect me to work flatout for you yea - And yes now im taking lunches - maybe even a few half days to use up the 10 days holiday i cant now afford to use up. bollox

Fed up of being taken for a cunt here - why is it every incentive i get i get shafted... HUH ! - Even tho i'm probably better paid then most of the other cockwipes here thats just not the damn point is it. . . .

While i'm here James Overton is a ginger cockgobbler who loves goats and drinks man-oil.

Im off home to play Links golf on X-box and drink beer till i feel sick and cant drink NO MORE


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