Monday, September 27, 2004

My Dads condition

just to keep me up to date -- weird i am -- my dad will be off to ST.Thomas's for th etest to see what type of surgery is needed .. Either minor or majr with 2 weeks or 3 months off to recover. Well i know that 3 months just aint gonna haeppen as i know he will be out and about and cant keep away from the shop that gave him the attack anyway.

So i saw him on Saturday after a farce on the train. Managed to get myself to Claygate before realizing i was going wrong - so train back to Wimbledon and then another to Epsom where Lynda picked me up and we whizzed over to Epsom General to see my old man. He didnt look too bad except he'd been sick from the pills they are giving him and he had puke in his ear. Lovely ....

So anyway i will catch up with Lynda later on find out whats going on.

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