Thursday, September 23, 2004

Had enough today - woke up in a bad mood and all day been fukked off - Might have something to do with the shite film Sonia asked me to watch last night - fukking weird it was called o god Mulholland drive or something - made by the director of "Twin Peaks" David Lynch. What a load of cock that was

Nearly 2 and a half hours of my life watchin that shit and at the end there was no actual point to it at all - Apart from Naomi Watts getting her tits out - that was it. Well and some bird called Laura Harring who had a great pair of tits. All in all it had no plot to speak of and after browsing to find out why the film had been made it surfaced that it was half pilot and half movie as it finally got turned down by the hollywood supremo's. Thank god

Although some funny bits in the film like the guy who killed 3 people so he could get hold of his little black book. That was ok - and of course the no need at all Lesbo scenes between the 2 leading ladies were pretty saucy.

Enough already

(c) RuthlessJack

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