Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Ronnie Scotts

Ronnie Scotts was excellent i have to say - We got there a little early - In fact very early (we queued!) but once in and sat down - we got waited on very quickly and before we knew it we had consumed 2 bottles of white Italian wine at £16.95 a pop ... Sonias friends Sarah and Ruth Noah turned up with some of their mental pals and we listened to some great musak !

A band from New York entertained us for another hour or so until 12 pm when they came back ... By this time sonia and I were well on our way to being totally plonkered .... and Sonia did her im pissed and may cry routine again - altho shes pretty cool when shes pissed.

Ruth apparently talks to my Nan - Millie - almost every week and i think she may put in a good word for me as far as going to see my Nan goes..

Anyway i'll keep myself posted in this ..


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