Thursday, February 12, 2004

B3TA awards 2003


1. Trial Bikes (DNA)
This game utterly mystifies us, but you lot loved it. So it won.

2. Female or Shemale (Rob Manuel)
Who could dislike a game based on correctly identifying ladyboys? Certainly not you, apparently.

3. Name That Beard (Rob Manuel & Jonti Picking)
The beard: a sign of masculinity, of strength of character and, it seems, of good clean fun. Can you match the beard to the face?

RUNNERS UP: (this lot should keep you busy)
Atomic Badger Racing - great theme tune
Suicidal Super Puppy - for dog lovers
Monkey Lander - tricky
Angry Domo-Kun Smash Game - er
Crab Volleyball - all the fun of the crab
Insaniquarium - feed the fish
Frog - cute game from Orisinal
Pedestrian Killer - speedy car woo fun
Psycho Hypno Techno Kitten Snake - Nokia snake on kittens
Spot the Clifference - Cliff Richard. Nuff said
Alchemy - addictive pattern matching game
Gay Hunter Thing - French gay killing action. Hmm

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